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mardi 5 août 2014

How do you choose your graphics card ?

That you are new in the world of desktop and want to purchase a new office, but you puzzled at is very important how to choose a graphics card that suits you! For this purpose we will try to assist you in your choice of how graphic card, according to the suit.
There are two types of graphics cards that is built with the motherboard or the central processor and what is separate and is better in terms of the diversity of choices from the category of low to middle to senior level, that does not mean you will not enjoy with solutions ROM, which will be able to process becomes a graphic two-dimensional But you will not be able to run whatever you want, it is true that the solutions APU processors provide the graphical power of good, but you nevertheless will not live up to what you're looking for that you are heading to build a desktop for gaming.
Graphics card, which is also known as GPU GPU is turning all those code for the game to Optics rich color that you see on your screen, and is considered the most expensive components of your computer desktop. That you are planning to build a desktop low power and small size and budget is very low so he headed to the integrated solution with regard to the GPU, either you are planning to build a desk by a separate card which is of course better solutions to the gaming world, you have a lot of options and choices of different strengths and Price will suit you according to your budget What you're looking for. There are options to not prepare and countless when it comes to the separate graphic processor which brings the two giants of NVIDIA and AMD. Expose us both graphical processors starting at $ 40 up to almost a few dollars and go up until it reaches $ 3,000 for the upper class. The general rule that were not known are the more you know the more money spent, the more your games looked smoother and more dazzling, but this also does not mean that the most expensive cards are not necessarily the best quality, there are options offer you the equivalent price versus performance characteristic.
Important things you should know about the graphics card:
When you choose a graphics card that you want, you have to consider other things of their own, such as length and height and the consumption of the card and the card ports. For example, if you adopt a small office space with Mahdoh, you do not want a bulky card size certainly will not accommodate in Kicetk. Also, if you use a power supplier smaller, look for the peak energy consumption of the card in watts that you want to buy, as you'll find out that associated with full components with the energy provider to have that ratio of consumption between 50-70% of the capacity of the power supply you have, which means more Kavih energy and also the ability in the future to further expansion in the platform for your additional card or other ingredients are different. Also make sure the power supply you have to be a professional and reputable company and that contains the ports and cables 6pin or 8pin graphics card to provide the energy crisis, and finally make sure the display ports that come with your card and what suits them, there are a lot of options.
We also have other things you should pay attention of her speed, memory design and sink in the graphics card that you will choose. In general the speed and power of the card affect the frame rate, frame idle, and delayed the inclusion of the data, while the memory affect the image quality, accuracy, and finally sink design affects the extent of noise and heat graphical card when running your games different. For speed, there are two important factors you should consider them well and are fast graphic processor frequency, which is measured in MHz Pal also known to all of you, and also the number of nuclei that contain them shading the card. Nvidia launches the nucleus shading name Koda Core, while AMD processors call them flow. What you care about is the top number of the nucleus of shading, running at the speed of the higher frequency but sometimes graphics cards that have the nucleus shade less but work fast frequency significantly faster you can work better in certain games, while those that have a nucleus more but the speed of lower frequency can work better in other games. But in general, the highest number of the nucleus of shading, running at the speed of a higher frequency are the best, and in this case you should choose according to your budget, of course.
The bandwidth coupled with the speed of memory, is what gives you the bandwidth of the memory, which is measured by GB / s. Therefore, most graphics cards will remind bandwidth in their specifications, with the general rule, which states that the greater the bandwidth of graphics card, the easier the game that feeds data to the nucleus of shading, and thus occupy your games more smoothly. Search for graphics processors, which owns GDDR5 memory with higher bandwidth.
As for the amount of memory you need, remember that the size of the memory card that you own do not affect the speed, the memory used for something such as loading textures and save caching framework. High precision and processing techniques such as milling increase the number of pixels that need to Tsierh, and thus increases the amount of information that should be borne in memory. So, what gives him the option of video memory is to play games at higher resolutions and settings, such as lifting the quality of the textures and smoothing best for better image quality. For the play accurately 1080p at a higher setting, the GDDR5 memory with a capacity of 2GB is already the minimum that should be looking for, and most of that size on the accuracy of 1080p is something exaggerated, but you'll see the benefit at a higher resolution, or if you are running multiple screens then You will need to have a memory card the size of 3GB or 4GB.
There are also other things must be taken into account. Next sink antenna with your graphics card, graphics cards as they tend to use the cheapest known what Palmsttat standard. The only interest of dispersants standard they tend to be format blower, ie, it pulls air from inside the bag and graduating from the back, instead of blowing air into the bag. This is particularly beneficial for smaller computers, where there is not much space for the circulation of hot air and out of the blastocyst. Middle-class cards always come the design of non-standard of Professional scattered antenna so try to choose your card carefully and make sure that the graphical sink attached card with a strong hand and the heat dissipating familiarized themselves with the various revisions. As for the upper class Akhadd so does it for her, especially since you want to buy a card design standard that comes with standard air Bmstt of the parent company. Where Nvidia cards from the upper class enjoyed Bmstt antenna professionally, although he actually record, but he has tremendous strength in the heat dissipating and beautiful design which is the opposite of what the record provided by the sink for AMD cards from the upper class, who come to you weak ability to dissipate heat, and also the noise is high. In general you will be oriented cards or the upper middle class so he headed toward professional graphics cards that have fragmented professional design effective even relieve yourself from the problem of heat and noise.
Features and advantages of different why he chose?

For Nvidia are offering you a unique tool for graphic card, a GeForce Experience, which includes a distinct set of options and choices to elevate your card graphical experience better and easier. NVIDIA also offers add-ons Gameworks that add visual enhancements for games such as PhysX, HBAO +, and TXAA. For AMD, it provides you with Raptr to provide you with the experience of playing with the best graphics card, and also provides you with technical support for Mantle API used with a number of games such as Battlefield 4 to offer you the best gaming experience and more tires with those games. Both companies also give a variety of games for free when you buy their cards graphical and by providing various offers. So your choice is in your hands and in your favorite of the two companies offers.
There also is a last resort, a technology Nvidia SLI technology and AMD Crossfire, which allows you to run more than one graphics card at the same time in order to increase the performance significantly. There are pros and cons to both technologies, but Nvidia SLI solutions briefly considered superior thanks to support better definition and rapid compared with competitor.
So how do I choose a graphics card for me?

After that I got to know the most important points and the things that you have to focus we come to is the most important is the budget set by the selected graphics card and when determining the amount, you will know the amount that you have what is your graphics card that will get them both a card from the category of low or middle class or top tier. But you can start to narrow your choices quickly, as soon as you know what you're looking for that you are not interested in the limits of the budget that you have. But the group's most attractive and best-selling is the middle class because it provides you with graphics cards up to a price acceptable to a 300 to $ 400 dollars as you progress performance capable of running all modern games and consumption of energy is acceptable, which means that this card will live with you a considerable period of time they are able to run modern games.
That you are looking for a graphics card from the low category and above, you have more than one option card which AMD R7 265 it contains a 2GB graphics card is very good and has the ability to break the speed is also good. Sold at a price of $ 150. You also have the option of a different last card Nvidia GTX 750 Ti at the same price of $ 150. True, they are not the same speed card AMD, but it does have the added advantage of being does not need external power to the outlet and consumes low power compared to those card, making it the choice of distinctive yellow ones or devices in order to put it in my office with a weaker energy provider. You also have a choice of a higher price at a price of $ 250 GTX 760, a card that works amazingly with the vast majority of games, and has the ability to break the speed well.
Either we went to the middle class in order to pay more graphical power to our games, you'll see a graphical cards category price ranging between $ 300-400 from both companies that actually provide solutions wonderful. First we start with the card R9 280X very good that comes with 3GB memory at the rate of 290/280 dollars. You also have the option of a better card Nvidia GTX 770, but a little more expensive at $ 320 dollars, and although it comes 2GB memory but faster than the card R9 280X.
In the top category you have a lot of options, but including the upper class always mean you have the best performance card GTX 780 Ti that we find at the price of 660/670 dollars the best currently on the market, they are able to grind any game graphical offered her. Also, this card consumes low power compared with what offer rival in card R9 290X, also owns scattered antenna effective in dissipating heat, unlike competitor who has a graphics card with high temperatures and loud noise, but that does not mean that the card R9 290X undesirable it may achieved very good sales, especially with the backing of professional non-standard. In general, both offer good performance, but that you are currently looking for the best as we mentioned it card GTX 780 Ti.
Are now ready to choose:
After that we got the perfect way in order to know how to choose your card graphical we have concluded here, the most important thing I would like to dwell upon the Mtabaana who Follow us to pay attention to what we have said there is no rush by choosing graphic card and tried to remember the points that we have mentioned to you they are very important so as not to fall into the selection wrong. I also like to note that I said some of the graphics cards in existing markets, and there is a large amount of different cards and different prices as well. You are now certainly become ready for you to choose the next graphic card without hesitation.

How do you choose your graphics card ?
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