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mardi 5 août 2014

In a precedent is the first in the Egyptian market despite the recent promulgation, HTC Corporation has announced that the smartphone HTC Desire 816 has occupied the throne of the sales of smart phones in Egypt since it was released in the Egyptian market with the beginning of the month of June.
He Joseph Butcher chairman Jovi Troncs sole agent of HTC Corporation in the Arab region was delighted the successes of the new phone is not only the world, but in the Egyptian market as well, indicating that the phone .. HTC Desire 816 represents a real breakthrough in the world of mobile no witnessed by the Egyptian market since Valhatf version numbers and record sales of over 500 phone barrier in the day which is a weak sales figures closest competitors.
He added that these figures are unprecedented called the parent company that Ttsol about the reasons for the boom that occurred in this model .. It is simply that we have provided phone potential is unprecedented, which is in the phone screen of 5.2 inches and the camera 13 Mega Battery 2400 amp and the price within the reach of a large class of users in addition to the phone from the family of HTC factory smartphones No. 1 in the world, in addition to marketing campaigns adopted by the company in Egypt, which comes in conjunction with the horizontal expansion in distribution management company that has become of more than 15 points of sale Animations covering all provinces Egypt.
The butcher said Joffe Troncs I was able to move beyond the past three years that have passed narrowly on the whole market, but the grace of God we were able to expand the reach of HTC to a market share of up to 10% of the smartphone market developed thanks to the efforts Adarah marketing company and new ideas that helped marketing of the product at the highest level, which helped Ashlrkh to become one of the key players in the Egyptian market in addition to the confidence growing of the parent company in the efficiency of the team work at the company, which has enabled us to become the agent HTC exclusive in the Arab region, which includes countries of the Levant, Libya and Algeria in addition to Egypt.

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