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mardi 5 août 2014

Sink antenna LV12 central processor called the company at a price of 50$

Company announced LEPA provide Msttha new antenna LV12, which came as a result of a comprehensive research and development to manufacture sink. Engineers designed the scattered small antenna and a high-volume, which avoids compatibility problems with large RAM size models at the same time maintaining its ability to dissipate heat.
LEPA rely on new technology for the efficient flow of air, it is a small ventilation holes, which improves air circulation inside the sink and increase the rate of heat dissipation. In addition to the heat pipe which Ttamoda directly on the surface of the central processor so heat is transferred effectively high. Because of these technologies, the company LEPA engineers were able to reduce the thermal resistance of the dispersant to 0.095 ° C / W.
Included LEPA fan PWM high quality with Stand (Barometric Oil-less (BOL solid and effective., Thanks to the application of materials, self-lubricating, they allow the running silent on an ongoing basis with 160 000 hours. Apart from that, you can separate the fan blades in order to clean it from dust and avoid decline in performance. fan of 12cm comes with three circulation patterns per minute and PWM controller automatically. that way, you can modify the setting of the RPM according to your requirements: Style Silent (800 - 1,500 RPM), the pattern of performance (800 - 1,800 RPM) pattern breaking speed (800 - 2,200 RPM).
Class stylish black-and non-gloss is not only the renewal of configurable fragmented, but also provide protection from corrosion. LEPA apply a touch of high-tech (high thermal conductive coating), which ensures that it does not affect the thermal conductivity and cooling performance of the dispersant. System installation is easy and fast user supports both Intel and AMD platforms present. In short, it will sink is available for sale in most markets at a price of 36.90 euros, the equivalent of $ 50.

Sink antenna LV12 central processor called the company at a price of 50$
  • Title : Sink antenna LV12 central processor called the company at a price of 50$
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