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mardi 5 août 2014

These are all methods used by hackers to steal accounts, Facebook know it now

There are many ways in which tracked by hackers in penetrating Facebook accounts have been uncovered while not touching each other to rule it became known, but in this post I will try to offer you all the ways in which hackers penetrate accounts in Facebook, where I tried to do I just insert that still working or pose a danger to the accounts to the limits of the time of writing this post.

Theft accounts exploiting a loophole retrieval accounts with the help of three friends.

Is exploiting bad for property retrieval accounts Facebook by helping friends, where if you forget password, you can write code retrieval account to 3 friends on your Facebook, and then call them in order to provide you with that code, but hackers are exploiting this property in a different way, where you listed b 3 accounts have been doing for the Rest Basord retrieval code and send the account to the accounts added you out! And pierce your account.

Theft accounts through emails Alhoutmaal Hotmail.

Is another way the hacker to their use in penetrating accounts FaceBook associated Emile Hotmaal, where the majority after the service was suspended the MSN no longer register their entry into the tray imports Hotmaal, the last which, if passed through a full year without logged will be deleted email and make it available for registration again , so Valhakr looking for accounts of Facebook, which is used Amilat Hotmaal has become available for registration, who shall register Emile same e-mail in your account Facebook and doing a re-appoint the Basord and sending the latter to account Hotmaal in your account and that the hacker re-open it again and be stolen password.

Stealing accounts by downloading malicious add-ons for the browser.
There are some applications on Facebook when you use it you may redirect you to a page that asks you to hacker and download the add certain to either change the shape of a superhero Facebook add features to your Facebook or watching Kemira Facebook friends .... Valhakr here trying to convince you in any way that you download those In the case of addition may be downloaded hacker planted a malicious program on your computer and stolen account.

Theft accounts through Access Token

It is another way I have referred to in the Code of Professional , enabling a hacker to seize and spy on your accounts without knowing the password, just by stealing the Access Token latter like the password who shall hacker Baguenaek application code in order to "" steal a Facebook account, "" or for the Show "" sexy clip "," where different puzzles in order to convince you that using code. More information in this video-.

Steal Facebook accounts through fraudulent thread.

Is from the old ways and used by hackers, but it still comes Bmfolha, which enables to send a link similar to link Facebook and convince you to enter the name of Free meals and password Facebook account for logged in site or, for example, may reach Emile shows that from Facebook and when you click on one of the ties are recorded Login to your account are stolen account, as he advanced methods exist in the pages of forged where you may find some in the Facebook apps or apps.facebook.com well as the adoption of Desktop phishing technique, which relies on the DNS change in the file hosts. Where when you log in to the site facebook.com, the page that appears is not the Facebook page, but Page breakthrough show of Srڤr hacker and you can be sure that you are not the victim of an attack by a this path in your computer and make sure that the post-line C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts to do something non-indigenous.

Accounts by stealing malware.
This is known at all, but to re-Amcklh recall him for the new! Where the hacker may Baguenaek to download a specific file from Facebook or email or Skype and asks you to open it, and when you do this step exposed to penetrate and be stolen account.

Steal Facebook accounts by answering the secret question.
Of roads known as a dependent on predicted hacker to answer the secret question for your account, when you register a new account in Facebook and enter the settings you may find a property security question where you choose a question and answer it, and you can therefore retrieve your Facebook easily in case of loss of password. But hackers here are taking advantage of this property in another way where required to re-appoint a password are required to answer the secret question and initiate speculated answer, of course, the hacker here will be required to collect some information about you, either from afar or from near by entering you in the chat, you are asked your city beloved or your favorite meal of course these answers are the answers to your secret question you can imagine the rest of the story.

Theft accounts by earning trust.
Is a kind of social engineering attacks, and often have more than the lives of young girls, as they may very Tzivk girl in the name of beauty and magnificence, and in a very''aldla 'will enter you in a romantic relationship and love all Dalaa for one week, two weeks, a month! And then will ask you to supply it Bbasord your account because they suspect it's either you Vic Takunha with girls and will try to persuade you that there is no difference between you and may even Tkhasamk well (A_khash you Iahmudh ...) .... and you and without hesitation or Stmayora Balbasord Stadhavha Admin on your page. Andak Stakhadd largest in the mold of your life :)

Theft accounts through telephone numbers.
These attacks, social engineering , which previously you warn them, especially in Morocco, I do not know you used in other countries, but the Moroccan company to call was the victim of this attack, where if you have my phone number is not a contract and used it in the definition of the account may hacker contact you with 10 telephone numbers different before it is to go to the company contact and convince them that your number dial has been lost it and ask them Asrjall, of course, the employee Stalb him supplied another 10 telephone numbers contacted him and will hacker by providing them with the employee before the latter to arrest your telephone line and supplied your number up and who will use the stolen account on Facebook by sending a code to retrieve a Facebook account number that you get.

May be dazzled by all these methods used by hackers to steal accounts Facebook, but this is the case with on a daily basis and Ayadhir anyone who has a Facebook account for his ignorance of these methods because it Bjhlk it may be penetrating your account and spy on your private messages and why not other things ... this is necessary You post this very subject with your friends in order to alert them if you're not willing to lose the expense of a friend of yours someday. I hope that I carried out in this lesson.

These are all methods used by hackers to steal accounts, Facebook know it now
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