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mercredi 6 août 2014

Review card MSI GTX 750Ti Gaming

We deal in previous reviews with cards Nvidia's new class medium GTX 750Ti and we saw the performance of these cards with companies Gigabyte and Palit, and now enters us into an atmosphere of competition another card coming from giant factory last is MSI's known specialization in the production of graphics cards and motherboards.
And more than enthusiastic from competition that day card from MSI fall within one of the strongest categories for Gaming graphics cards and dedicated to lovers and gaming enthusiasts with the cooling system the company's Twin Frozr IV and Technology Military Class 4, Let's see how it will be performance.

General specifications of the card:


The card will operate at a frequency of 1085MHz nucleus and is working to increase 65Mhz frequency standard and this figure rises to 1163MHz for the use of the card technology GPU Boost, come with your memory card the size of 2048MB of GDDR5 type and operating frequencies of 5400Mhz and interface with 128bit.
The card supports interface and plug PCI Express 3.0 and techniques DX 11.2 and Open GL 4.4 as well as techniques such as Nvidia Physx and 3D Vision and TXAA.

Techniques of MSI card GTX 750Ti Gaming:

Cooling System Twin Frozer IV:

And is one of the best cooling systems are on the scene thanks to the presence of five tubes calories are made of aluminum with a high quality and Bmstt heat made also of aluminum and some dispersants heat for some of the components of the card slices memory and the Department of Energy of the wizard and add to all this, two helicopters giant unique design This system gives the best and the greatest degree possible cooling of the card and the size of all of this is much less than other distractions to other manufacturers thing for taking places three incisions The unique design of the MSI Visthlk space only twofold (Dual Slot).

Military Class 4:

Usually depends performance pieces produced on the quality of raw materials manufacturers, including, it seems that MSI's locked that rule completely to provide us with technology Military Class 4 and using MSI components underwent tests MIL-STD-810G certified, which is the same Alachtbrat experienced by the products of American military and private measuring the intensity of endurance and efficient performance in different circumstances, and one of the main components of the Military Class 4:
It is a small-sized capacitors, but very high efficiency and allow energy efficiency by 93%.
Dark CAP:
It is designed Bnoadtha capacitors made of aluminum and its useful life beyond the barrier of 10 years.
They controllers energy with the heart of the iron lattice and allows high permeability and operate at temperatures below 35 degrees and allow the passage of electrical current 30% higher in Ceuta.

Application GAMING APP:

And application is much easier for users to get out the best performance of the card depending on their desire without going into too much detail, especially fracture frequency processor or the like, this application gives users three positions for the card to work on them and position the first and is the (OC Mode), which allows the use of fracture Almusenai card to reach the processor frequency to 1050MHz, an increase of 50MHz, position the second and is (Gaming Mode) and is doing a fractured slight processor ensures higher performance when playing with the stability of the entire card without problems, and position the third and final (Silent Mode) and that makes card on the original frequencies without any increase at all in the frequency of the processor and also reduce the sound of your fans cool the card to the hilt.

Afterburner tool from MSI:

Is one of the most used tools to break the speed of graphics cards, a special tool company MSI Taticttih completion of breakage and provides several important options as options to raise voltages and raise the frequencies of the GPU and memory graphics card, you can also control the level of rotation of the cooling fans and connect them with the degree of Hrar processor which has up so that it increases the cooling fans are running higher grades Thermal greater and can control all of that while playing. This tool and met with great success among users and lovers breaking speed and is one of the best programs in this area.


Another tool is of particular MSI took photos and videos of your favorite games, like a tool in their work program famous Fraps. You Musharakh this footage later with others.

A closer look at the card:

On the front of the box, we find a picture of a dragon and your distinctive category of players in addition to the MSI logo Gaming G Series and Model card, and finally see below the maximum left OC signifier logo on the card is broken Musenaia speed of the company.
On the back of the group to clarify techniques and additions coming out the card, and it begins to clarify the name of the new card and then a simple illustration of the application of Gaming App and explanation of the most prominent features Mazam Twin Frozr cooling and compared with standard cooling systems.
See also above logo Hybrid Bios which refers to the key change between Legacy Bios and Hybrid Bios.
On this side we do not see a new logo .... Only Gaming and the name of the card GTX 750Ti.
Extensions simply do not come ... the card only manuals and instructions cylinder Altarafaat traditional, and perhaps see only a small card with an explanation of the idea of ​​Hybrid Bios and nothing else.
The design of the card and the usual external similar to MSI cards with cooling system Twin Frozr IV. As usual slogan Gaming G Series mediates Mrouhta cooling measure 9cm.
The back panel shows the black PCB and cooling system installed by four screws.
2 06
Note here on the card does not contain Adaqa port to connect power and also there is no possibility of connecting bridge SLI. We further note that the length of the panel PCB measuring the card comes naturally and is not unusual and Kptaqat Gigabyte and Palit, and the dimensions of the card comes 250mmx128mmx37mm.
3 06
See more approaching the switch between the two copies of the Bios and that can change between Legacy Bios and Hybrid Bios, which is a good step from MSI to make sure that the new capacity, will work without any problems with the main panel currently exist.
After separation of the cooling system for the card we can see the distributed components on the board PCB, and see the card processor and around four segments of memory and power units SFC.
Approaching more see-code of the processor GM 107-400-A2, the first processor works mesh Maxwell from Nvidia.
Crah memory used to come from Samsung and the symbol K4G41325FC, and the card comes in four segments together constitute the final memory size 2048MB.
Department of Energy and the next card in full accordance with the characteristics of Military Class4, we believe units SFC and Solid CAP capacitors and solid capacitors, Hi-C CAP high quality ... and all of them promise the Department of Energy for a strong card.
Dispersion card is coming from manufacturing raw materials are very good and we see two heat tubes diameter of each of the two 6mm.
From this side we have a clearer base and sink in contact with the surface of the card and GPU share body heat pipe passers sink in the formation of this rule.
06 4
Exits the card is port D-sub and DVI port and HDMI.

The test platform:


The test methodology:

The card has been tested on both Dgueta display 1920x1080 and 1600x900 and so in each of the ordinary situation and the status of the fracture, and the card The results illustrate the accuracy of 1600x900 reviewed only in the results of the fracture, which will clarify the details later.
Has been using the test processor Core i7-4770S with lift it works hesitantly 3.9GHz, and memories as well as the RAM was upgraded operating frequencies have to 2133MHz. For the definition of user Fayette Fayette use the newest version of the definitions of a Nvidia GeForce 335.23.

The test results:

3DMark 11 Professional

A family Futuremark, 3DMark Vantage Khalifa and the difference is that the new version directed specifically for platforms supporting the library DirectX-11, the company has to cancel support for the engine nVidia Physx, 3DMark tests focused on games and Rsomyatea heavy, and some of the tests conducted on the processor. 3DMark 11 is newer than the Vantage, and the heaviest of his experiments.
3D Mark11

3D Mark 2013:

Tool Futermark new test graphics, comes multiple options and Achtbrat heavier than its predecessor 3D Mark 11. Tool allows you three levels of tests in each level is dedicated to a specific category of computers, setting off from the first test Ice Storm-oriented devices tablet small as well as computers vulnerable The next test for the Cloud Gate finished off the Notebook and medium-performance computers, and finally Test Fire Strike-oriented platforms for the upper class computers.
3D Mark 2013

UNIGINE Heaven Benchmark

Is the first test DirectX 11, launched the original version of it with the launch of Windows 7.

Metro Last Light

And is the second part of the game where the wonderful Mertro 2033 taking place a year after the fall of the rocket on the city. The game was developed by 4A Games Inc. and published by the company and used engine Deepsilver games 4A. The game has been tested by test tool comes with it and revolves test at the end of the game where the great battle at the end.

Bioshock Infinite

It is a game-type correction first-person perspective developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K Games, and events take place game in 1919 during a period of growth exception American hero of the game is a former client with a security company named Booker DeWitt, sent to the city of Columbia floating in the air to search for a girl named Elizabeth, who has spent most of her life locked up. Poker with that save Elizabeth, but that the two are Mtardthma by the warring groups in the city: Founders "The Founders" who seek to keep Columbia purely for the Americans, and the other called the voice of the people "Vox Populi" who represent the general public. Poker finds that Elizabeth is central to this conflict, and he knows that they have strange powers to enable them to manipulation by time any cracks open to other universes.

Grid 2:

Racing game famous and for which she received a big fuss the time of the first part of GRID, now issued Codemaster developer specialist games race the new part of the game GRID 2 with new additions and greater challenges, will give you the game developed individually fun will begin car primitive somewhat with a few of the masses The fan and you'll have to win in Spaqatk to increase the number of your fans and also to get new sponsors. The game also allows you to engage in challenges with other people through the process of the Online In the case of win you will be able to add modifications to your car.
The game provides a special tool the test, which was the 'adoption in the measurement of Ada cards with this game.
Grid 2

Battlefield 4:

One of the most fighting games from the perspective of the first FSP, especially developed cooperative play, which will take you to the atmosphere of war and Algios fighting is unprecedented, and come game significant improvements from the previous section Battlefield 3 both in terms of graphics, sounds, or even in terms of playing style and fighting. The test is the first tasks within the game story developed stage BAKU.

Sleeping Dogs

Game-style open world where roam wherever you want without being restricted to a story or a path to play. Game at this time came under the name back to the name of the secret police or hidden in Hong Kong, having dropped by company Activision from on her shoulder after rising budget development and numerous delays came Square Enix to get the copyright of the game after he had lost hope in getting out of the light. champion game is Wei Shen policeman Chinese / American working undercover in order to infiltrate and leak into the gang claims Sun On Yee which is incidentally the name to ring true. contain the game on the method of Street Fighter or fighting hand to be an important part of fighting alongside firearms, which will enable the correction of certain targets and the use of technology to hide and shoot from behind the hideout Blind Fire.
The game comes with a tool built-Test tested several things through a number of scenes of the city, whether on the road or during rain as there is a final test can be reduced to that test card deal with lights and reflections

Batman: Arakham City

Tool is used to test the game attached to measure the number of frame accessories that can get the game and Tests vary from tests of the process of lighting effect and other IT Physx that have been disabled in order to ensure fairness in performance compared to Nvidia's cards with AMD card

Tomb Rider

Series that Talmha passion Many came to us this time is completely different, both in the story or playing style and even personal series champion Lara Croft. This time will begin Lara her story from the start before that valid Lara that everybody knows her personality strong, begins the story in the view of the ocean in one of the ships, accompanied by her friends for a trip expedition is but a result of a severe storm to sink the ship and take them waves Allier uncharted island From here begins the beginning of the game.
The game contains test tool attached to what has been a test it was also a test of the new technique TressFX AMD to note the impact of technology on the performance of the cards

FarCry 3

It is one of the geniuses Ubisoft game character open world where Jason will play a character who went with a group of friends to Islander isolated to spend fun times, but that one of the gang, led by its leader Vass arrest everyone and the story begins from here. Game with great graphics and many details where you will see one of the best games in which the interaction between the hero of the game and the environment around him.
FarCry 3

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Continue Ubisoft creativity with this part of the series in the completion of the ongoing war between the group Assasins and the Templars and completed the story, but with a return to the period of time older than the ones that Asrnaha in Assassin's Creed 3. This time we will live atmosphere and wars pirate area islands of the Caribbean through the Assassin is a new Edward Kenwey. The game offers a great visual effects and a high level of graphics.

Breaking speed:

Have used the application MSI famous Afterburner to make a breakage, as we mentioned earlier The card basically broken speed Musenaia from MSI comes an increase in the frequencies of the nucleus of the 1020MHz frequency standard to 1085MHz, and we were able to raise this figure dramatically and we got to 1242MHZ with jumping to the frequency 1320MHz in the case has been activated GPU Boost. For frequencies memory to 1393MHz so we lifted out of 1350Mhz, an increase of 43MHz frequency for basic card.

Results breaking speed:

3DMark 11 Professional

3D Mark 11 OC 2

3D Mark 2013:

3D Strike OC

UNIGINE Heaven Benchmark

Haven OC 1080 2
Haven OC 1600 2

Metro Last Light

Maetro OC

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock OC 2

Tomb Rider

Tomp OC

Grid 2:

Grid 2 2

Conclusion and Evaluation:

Card brokered performance in each of the cards, Gigabyte and Palit, and it is quite logical given the default frequencies for each of the three cards, but these differences remain slim and within the framework one or two windows at the most, which does not settle the preference in this regard.
And review the results of the card after the break, we find the sharp rise of the results of card MSI and sitting astride the top ranking in all the tests, it is more what attracted my attention to the card, especially since numbers operating frequencies where we are not able to achieve at all with either the Gigabyte or Palit I still believe that it is possible to raise the frequency to What is more than that ... and it Fbtaqh today would have an advantage in terms of breaking the speed and raise the operating frequencies.
To take now a look at the cooling system Twin Frozr IV which featured quiet, while running something we started to get used to it with this version of the cooling system Twin Frozr, and next to that maintained the temperature at an excellent level, did not exceed the heat of the card in the maximum pressure situations barrier The 56 o c with the level of 35% to run cooling fans which means cooling wonderful voice with almost non-existent for the card.
Regarding the card attachments are very weak or non-existent for the transfer and the company can at least attach MSI converter usual DVI To D-Sub and that we see almost with most graphics cards.
Finally, we go to see the price of the card, which ranges between $ 170 $ -180, and again is price very favorable view of the operating frequencies of the card and the card GTX 750Ti competition, but with the capacity card MSI wonderful in breakage and access to higher frequencies of which we dealt with it in our reviews Previous Sargeh Kvtha more.
Performance: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Break Speed: 9/10
Temperature and noise level: 10/10

Overall rating: 8.75/10

Review card MSI GTX 750Ti Gaming
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